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Individual Titles

3D classic lit.png

3D Classic Literature Collection

Description: Enjoy some of the most time-honored stories ever written with the world's first fully 3D eBook application for iPhone & iPod touch. Each book is recreated in full 3D and can be taken from the shelf and opened to any page. Immerse yourself in the romance of reading with the sound of the leather-bound book covers creaking and the swiping sounds of the pages turning. Check the website for a full title list. Rated 12+

Device: iPod, iPad
a ride with aliens.png

A Ride with Aliens

Description: An extraordinary journey among the planets to discover bizarre aliens in the company of the most unexpected guide. Take off for the most enjoyable trip into space with the tattiest of spaceships!

Device: iPad
amazing spiderman.png

The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story

Description: Experience Peter Parker's transformation from average high school student to the Amazing Spider-Man! Then, read-along as you take control of his sensational ability to crawl up walls and swing across the city. Narrated by comic book legend Stan Lee.

Device: iPod, iPad
Amazing train.png

The Amazing Train - Where the adventure comes to life

Description: “The Amazing Train” is a beautiful adventure story told through the eyes of four. It is an interactive, colorful and magical book app in which reality is infused with fantasy.

Device: iPad

Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook

Description: Arthur Christmas is an interactive storybook app that at last reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to the question on every child’s mind: how does Santa deliver all of those presents in one night?! It may have something to do with Santa’s secret high-tech operations at the North Pole, including the super cool, mile-wide sleighship, the S-1. However, the story takes a twist when Arthur, the story’s unlikely hero, is called upon to complete an urgent mission to deliver the last present that was accidentally left behind.

Device: iPod, iPad

The Artifacts

Description: This is an interactive picture book about a boy called Asaf who loves to collect. It is inspired in equal parts by: childhood collections of bizarre and unlikely things, memories of moving house, the minimalist movement, and the joy of creating imaginative worlds of one’s own.

Device: iPod, iPad
audio books.png

Audiobooks HQ

Description: If you love to read but can't find the time, then this app is for you. Use your time commuting, doing housework, or exercising to catch up on the greatest books ever written. For a fraction of the price of a typical audiobook, Audiobooks HQ by Inkstone Mobile gives you 5890 high quality classic and contemporary audiobooks absolutely free. Rated 9+

Device: iPod, iPad
Azawhistle kids.png

Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop's Great Clean Up!

Description: Overwhelmed by the mega-mess in his room, Tejas worries about how he will clean up and surprise his mom. His trusted best friend, super organizer and mega-mess consultant Lollipop, shows him how to unclutter his environment and the ways of the big kid (adult) world.

Device: iPad
Backyard at twilight.png

Backyard at Twilight: A Stella and Sam Adventure

Description: Play alongside Stella and Sam and their dog Fred as they spend a night camping out in their backyard. Look for bugs in the tent, discover constellations among the stars and learn about shapes with the fireflies. The Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures combine stunning animation with three elegantly-designed activities.

Device: iPod, iPad
Biscuit Gives.png

Biscuit Gives a Gift

Description: Follow Biscuit in this great storybook as the little yellow puppy finds the perfect gift for everyone he loves; at the same time, help build your child’s vocabulary, motor skills, and more!

Device: iPod, iPad
blue jackal.png

The Blue Jackal

Description: Join the journey of The Blue Jackal through the Jungles of Sunderban in this popular tale from Panchatantra. The tale shows the consequences of lying to others and in turn helps highlighting good behavior and honesty.

Device: iPod, iPad
bos bedtime.png

Bo's Bedtime Story

Description: With “Bo’s Bedtime Story” your child helps Bo the Giraffe with his bedtime routine.

Device: iPod, iPad
casey and bella.png

Casey and Bella Books for Kids

Description: Casey is a resourceful Jack Russell Terrier, and Bella is an energetic, mischievous TeaCup Yorkie. In each book the doggy duo sneaks out on adventures while learning important lessons. However, Casey and Bella must always return before their owners Jane and Jeff get home or they will get caught! Come explore with Casey and Bella, and discover clues left behind at the end of every adventure!

Device: iPod, iPad
even monsters.png

Even Monsters Get Sick

Description: Kids read, listen, touch, play and interact with Harry as he struggles to find out what’s wrong with his new monster.

Device: iPad
Funny kids poems.png

Funny Kids Poems

Description: "Funny Kids Poems" is an interactive book for children up to 6 years old. There are twelve illustrated and animated pages with short rhymes by Marina Lindholm.

Device: iPod, iPad
Go there square.png

Go There Square: A Stella and Sam Adventure

Description: Play alongside Stella and Sam and their dog Fred as they turn to the Go-There-Square to find a magical place.

SAM: “Is the magical place where we're going at our house Stella?”

STELLA: “That is still a mystery. But the powers of the go there square will guide us to the magical place.”

Device: iPod, iPad

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Description: Meet Goldilocks, the girl with lots of mischief on her mind. The story sees the inquisitive girl exploring and ultimately creating chaos in the three bears house!

Device: iPod, iPad
goodnight safari.png

Goodnight Safari

Description: Children are at the center of the story as they help the giraffe eat her dinner, the monkey climb to bed, and the elephant kiss goodnight. Simple vocabulary and intuitive interactivity will engage young children while building their comfort with nighttime preparations. A perfect bedtime or storytime accompaniment for young children.

Device: iPod, iPad
hickory dickory.png

Hickory Dickory Dock

Description: Learning to tell time is often a challenging concept for some young children. This app uses the familiarity of a favorite nursery rhyme, plus an adorable mouse to help make learning time for young children more approachable and fun. The charismatic mouse bounces, springs and sleeps his way through the story accompanied with humorous sounds effects and animation. The simple and classic nursery rhyme has been extended to create appealing interactive games for each number-rhyme, providing children with both visual and audio cues to help them learn more effectively.

Device: iPod, iPad

Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure

Description: Hogworld is an interactive story about the adventures of a shy little hogbunny named Gnart. He has to get to the dentist by sundown, but to get there he must pass through some pretty scary places. On his way, Gnart will confront his fears and make strange new friends.

Device: iPod, iPad
I wonder.png

I Wonder

Description: Marco gets on the train, and page after page he discovers a world behind the window. As the pages of the app turn and the landscape passes by, Marco thinks and daydreams on the nature and the animals that live beyond the pane, and you too can discover and think along with him, and play with the objects of its reflections and the landscape that slides in front of Marco, in front of your eyes and under your fingers.

Device: iPad
Ice Age.png

Ice Age Movie Storybook

Description: To avoid some really bad frostbite, and the threat of extinction, the planet's majestic creatures — and a few small slothful ones — begin migrating south. The exceptions are a woolly mammoth named Manny, a high plains drifter who does things his own way, and a terminally lazy sloth named Sid. Manny has been convinced by Sid into helping reunite an abandoned human baby named Roshan with his family. This unlikely crew is joined by Diego, a sinister saber-toothed tiger who befriends Sid and Manny, all while seeing the infant as a tasty treat.

Device: iPod, iPad
jungle book.png

The Jungle Book

Description: Mowgli is a little boy raised in the jungle by a bunch of wolves after escaping the fire destroying his home-village. His two best friends, Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther protect him from the dangers in the wilderness and try to teach him the rules of the jungle. We have interpreted this classic story in a modern way by designing it in the form of an interactive eBook application.

Device: iPod, iPad
just me and my mom.png

Just Me and My Mom - Little Critter

Description: Little Critter enjoys a special day in the city with his mother. He means well, but gets himself in trouble all along the way. His mother is oh so patient when Critter loses the train tickets, picks up a dinosaur egg in the natural history museum, and misbehaves at lunch. In spite of his difficulties, Little Critter happily falls asleep on the train going home, exhausted from the big outing with his mother.

Device: iPod, iPad
Kung Fu Panda 2.png

Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook

Description: Follow Po living his dream as the Dragon Warrior protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, the Furious Five – Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. But Po’s new life of awesomeness is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. Retelling the movie story of Kung Fu Panda 2, the storybook also contains a bonus feature -- “Create-A-Scene” -- a digital sticker book with your favorite characters from Kung Fu Panda 2.

Device: iPod, iPad
little red.png

Little Red Riding Hood

Description: Run over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go! Little Red Riding Hood is an interactive and immersive app that brings to life the fairytale’s classic illustrations with the magic of modern technology. Enjoy Little Red Riding Hood and read it with your family as you would a moving picture book! It’s truly an engaging experience!

Device: iPod, iPad
Lucky escape.png

Lucky Escape

Description: In an imaginative adventure through the digestive system, Human Body Detectives Merrin and Pearl tackle their first case. The girls' little brother has swallowed a penny. Now through magic and imagination they find themselves on an adventure through his digestive system where they must grab the penny, save Robbie, and narrowly escape his poopy diaper. The Human Body Detectives series highlights the girls' adventures through the different body systems, and teaches kids the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. If children understand how their bodies work, they are more apt to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Device: iPod, iPad

Madagascar Movie Storybook

Description: Retelling of the movie Madagascar in an interactive storybook.

Device: iPod, iPad
marys little lamb.png

Mary's Little Lamb

Description: Mary’s Little Lamb is an adorable musical adventure across the fantastic road to school and back. With learning games and immersive scenes, look for exciting hidden stickers, fun music and everything a toddler could look for in a young child's application.

Device: iPod, iPad
miss spiders.png

Miss Spider's Tea Party

Miss Spider is hosting a tea party—but nobuggy will come! What’s an eight-legged lady to do? Find out in this heartwarming tale of a kindly spider’s search for friends. Told in rhyming verse, this enchanting story can also be read as a counting book.

Device: iPod, iPad
monster's socks.png

Monster Sock's

Description: Monster has lost his socks! Journey through this interactive storybook helping Monster cross streams, seas and outer space to find those lost socks.

Device: iPod, iPad
mother goose.png

Mother Goose Rhymes and Puzzles

Description: Read over 300 classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Device: iPod, iPad
My Friend Isabelle.png

My Friend Isabelle

Description: My Friend Isabelle is a charming story about two young friends, told with simplicity and grace. Charlie and Isabelle are the same age and share a love of drawing, dancing, playing at the park and snacks! This book addresses special needs and tolerance.
Appropriate for ages 2-8

Device: iPod, iPad
Needles and thread.png

Needles and Thread

Description: A heart warming tale about a needle and a spool of thread working together to make their village a happier place. Needles and Threads is based on an award winning short film by acclaimed Dutch animator Femma Sijtsma.

Device: iPad
nursery rhymes.png

Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime

Description: Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime is a magical book. Play with Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill, Three Blind Mice and other classic nursery rhyme characters.

Device: iPod, iPad

The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese

Description: Set to the real symphonic rendering of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, the Nutcracker and The Mystery of The Disappearing Cheese features an animated intro, an illustrated storybook, 7 educational games, and 6 delightfully crafted talking characters that provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative play.

Device: iPad
Oswald the big.png

Oswald the Big

Description: A delightful book about self-discovery becomes an interactive story for the iPad. A clumsy and lazy hippo's dream of dancing becomes real thanks to the support and enthusiasm of his animal friends.

Device: iPad
paddington bear.png

Paddington Bear

Description: Watch the video trailer below

Device: iPod, iPad

Penelope the Purple Pirate

Description: Adventurous children whose imaginations know no bounds will find a kindred spirit in Penelope. Come along on her journey as her bedroom opens up into world of pirates, the open sea, buried treasure and trusted friends. Discussion questions, ideas for additional interaction for the pre-school classroom and home, and fun facts about the sea creatures in the story are included in the app. For more information and additional resources, visit

Device: iPod, iPad
prancing dancing.png

Prancing Dancing Lily

Description: Prancing, Dancing Lily is an interactive children's storybook app about an Ayrshire cow who loves to prance and dance, so she doesn't quite fit with her herd. Lily prefers stepping in time to staying in line - so she sets out to travel the globe in search of her perfect dance. Along the way she discovers new dances from Senegal to Turkey, makes new friends around the world, and causes lots of commotion. She also writes home about her funny mishaps along the way. When Lily finally finds the dance for her, she returns home and inspires her herd to step in line… a Conga line! Lily’s adventures bring joy to all the cows in the herd. In the end, Lily finally becomes the next lead bell cow.

Device: iPod, iPad

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle

Description: In “The Prisoner of Carrot Castle” Aiden’s imagination transports him to a far away place where he finds himself a prisoner in a cell made of carrots. What will he do? Must he face the angry King? Will his hate for vegetables get him in trouble? Come along and help Aiden as he tries to escape from Carrot Castle. When Aiden gets stuck, kids play a role in helping him move ahead in his adventure. The story comes alive as the text is read. Find silly animations and sound effects as the action unfolds.

Device: iPad
purple frog.png

The Purple Frog

Description: PURPLE FROG is an interactive children's book with original artwork and voice narration that will draw kids into a magical world while teaching them to read, speak and spell properly.

Device: iPod, iPad
rebeccas positive story.png

Rebecca's Positive Story Book

Description: In this engaging story book, Rebecca is excited about spending the day with her dad at the park, though to her surprise it starts raining. Follow Rebecca and her dad in finding ways to have fun in the rain.

Device: iPod, iPad
Rocket Book.png

Rocket Book

Description: This animated, interactive book tells the story of a rocket that is lit in the basement by the janitor's son which causes some unusual situations as it moves through 20 floors of apartments.

Device: iPad
sheldons adventure.png

Sheldon's Adventure

Description: Meet Sheldon, a little turtle trying to figure out not only how he fits in his own shell, but also how he fits in the world. His momma always told Sheldon he was special, so he sets out to take on life's adventures. Along the way he meets Hank, the little cricket with the big sound; together these friends take a journey that will test their courage, strength and leadership, and seal a lifelong friendship. Along the way, Sheldon begins to discover what his momma knew all along. Included within the text are samples of some of the world's greatest musical compositions from such composers as Vivaldi, Bach, Strauss, Brahms, and Rimsky-Korsakov.

Device: iPod, iPad

Sheldon's Adventure - Cornered!

Description: Cornered! Is the story of a little green turtle named Sheldon; a curious turtle who likes music, sports, and eating flies. In fact, he's pretty normal except for one little thing; his shell is square and not round. And all Sheldon wants more than anything is to fit in and look like every other turtle. But because he looks different, all the kids tease him and call him names. Sheldon’s mom tries to tell him his four cornered shell is a gift but he’s not buying it. One day he has to do one of the bravest things he’s ever done and he realizes that who he is on the inside is what really matters. Sheldon's brave deed saves the day and he learns quickly that being a little bit different can be a very good thing!

Device: iPod, iPad
Snuggle Mountain.png

Snuggle Mountain

Description: Inside the snugly cave at the very top of Snuggle Mountain is a two-headed giant who’s fast asleep, caught in the Sleeping Spell that has made it forget all about breakfast. But Emma wants pancakes, and to get them she’ll have to climb the shaking quaking mountain all the way to the top - and wake the sleeping giant herself! Interactive, animated picture book with no ads or in-app purchases.

Device: iPod, iPad

Snugly ABC Flip Flap

Description: Snugly ABC Flip Flap – Children’s Book, is an educational Mix and Match app that makes learning fun. You’ll find cute combinations such as the “Blushing Knick-knack Yak”, the “Enchanting Flute-playing Vagabond” and the “Kissable Hyperactive Tiger” included in the 17,000 and more combinations.

Device: iPod, iPad
solar system.png

Interactive Minds: Solar System

Description: Learn about the solar system in a hands-on way! This interactive science book features over 40 pages of fact filled content as well as numerous videos and interactive simulations.
  • The size differences between the Sun, planets, and moons
  • How much a person would weigh on the Sun, the other planets, and the Moon
  • How the seasons change as the Earth orbits the Sun
  • How fast the planets orbit the Sun
  • The solar system distances to scale

Device: iPad
Suzy Zoo.png

Suzy's Zoo Storybook Collection

Description: The first book in the series to be featured is “Witzy’s Friends Forever,” which follows Witzy the duck who is searching for a wishing puff to wish for all of his pals to be friends forever. It’s up to his imagination to take himself out of the backyard environment for his more daring, imaginary adventures.

Device: iPod, iPad
three little pigs.png

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Description: Story Book app Features
  • Cute little Piggies
  • 3 different reading modes
  • Professional voice over
  • Amusing sound effects
  • Age-appropriate text with a happy ending
  • Original animated illustrations on every page
  • Packed with stuff to tap and enjoy
  • Loads of interactive surprises using microphone and gyroscope

Device: iPod, iPad (not for an Original iPad)

Tommeets by Partou

Description: Enter the great world of tomatoes with Tom and Lord Bug! Meet Tom, a very juicy tomato, and Lord Bug, a friendly bug and bodyguard, who will take you along an extraordinary journey into nature. Explores the history of tomatoes, from Latin America to Europe, learn their characteristics and properties, play through all the stages of cultivation but be fast to finish a high-fun game that will train your reflexes and will help you memorize the tricks to grow different varieties of super-juicy tomatoes!

Device: iPad
Toy story.png

Toy Story Read-Along

Description: Meet Woody, a cowboy doll that comes to life when humans aren’t around. When his owner Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear space ranger for his birthday, Woody and the other toys fear they’ll be replaced. Woody’s plan to get rid of Buzz backfires and he ends up lost outside the world of Andy’s room, with Buzz as his only companion! The toys work together to find their way back to Andy and discover the meaning of true friendship along the way.

Device: iPad
two elephant.png

Two Elephant Stampedes Helped Us Plant Seeds

Description: Watch your child learn all about seeds and photosynthesis through this incredibly fun and educational App by Mendel the Mailman!

Device: iPod, iPad
weird but true.png

Weird But True

Description: Did you know a hippo's lips are about two feet wide? Or that didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school? Or that before toothpaste was invented some people cleaned their teeth with charcoal? Filled with wacky facts and tantalizing trivia that will engage curious kids and parents alike, Weird But True presents each of the 625 facts in a fun, colorful, and interactive format that will keep kids entertained—and learning—for hours! And parents can rest easy knowing that each fact is age-appropriate and handpicked by a brand they know and trust: National Geographic Kids.

Device: iPod, iPad
wizard of oz.png

The Wizard of Oz

Description: Experience the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz like never before! OZ is a remarkable re-working of the original book by L. Frank Baum and was carefully abridged to stay true to the original text, with 112 beautiful pages. It features the original illustrations of W.W. Denslow, digitally remastered and brought to life with stunning effect. The clever use of the physics engine combined with the tilt and touch features of the iPad let you take part in the story.

Device: iPad
Yellow red blue.png

Yellow, Red, Blue and if I Get Angry Grey

Description: A story without words in which children are free to wander in an endless exploration of the PRIMARY COLOURS and MUSICAL THEMES that accompany them. A yellow owl, a red rabbit, a blue cat and an unexpected grey wolf are the protagonists of this App which teaches to mix colours and melodies. The animals mingle, the colours mix, the melodies merge and what happens? You get a fierce - or super sweet?? - wolf!

Device: iPad

High School Titles

Christmas carol.png

A Christmas Carol

Description: You will not only witness Ebenezer Scrooge's personal transformation through 130 pages of lovingly abridged text, but for the first time you will become part of the story through breathtaking and interactively immersive graphics, music, and sound. Whether you're traveling through time and space with Scrooge and the spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, powering up and manipulating an assortment of wonderful steam powered devices, or just marveling at each chapter's unique page-turning contraptions, 'A Christmas Carol's' steampunk-style animation, illustrations, original score, sound effects, and hidden Easter eggs of bonus content will draw you into the story's unforgettable lessons of darkness, despair, joy and life.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition puts a new, interactive twist on the classic 1897 novel written by Bram Stoker. Featuring more than 600 illustrations and almost 300 pages of carefully abridged text, this reader-driven experience brings the Dracula story to life in a rich, interactive way. From lighting up the words on a page with a lantern, unsealing the mysteries of letters and journal entries, blowing the leaves off of tombstones to reveal the writing beneath, and even using your own “blood” to reveal hidden text on a page, you are intimately immersed in the storytelling. As you read you can uncover images, audio and film from the earliest days of the Dracula legacy, some never before released to the public. An original musical score, plus 21 songs from indie rock performers Adaline, Christa Couture, Emily Spiller, Eve and the Ocean, and Phoebe Sharp set the tone in each chapter of the book and enhances the immersive experience. This is the only book of its kind to be officially endorsed by the Stoker Family Estate.

Device: iPad
free books.png

Free Books

Description: Browse our handpicked collections, download any of our 23,469 classic books, and read with our fully featured ereader. Notes, highlights, bookmarks, dictionary support -- it’s all here. Free Books by Classicly unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. Letters of leaders, the collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian novels, the plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie. It's all here, along with tens of thousands of other books.

Device: iPod, iPad

iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection

Description: In the XIX century Edgar Allan Poe was ahead of his time and captured the terror and darkness of the human soul, in each of his stories, as no one had ever done. Rediscover his work with iPoe, the Interactive and Illustrated Collection of Edgar Allan Poe with which you will find the difference between an electronic book and a total interactive experience exploring all capabilities of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Get shrouded in shadows and dive into the dark work of the master of horror through some of his best stories:
  • The Oval Portrait
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • Annabel Lee
  • The Masque of the Red Death

Device: iPod, iPad
the raven.png

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Description: Experience "The Raven", as it comes to life, like you've never seen it before: an innovative double play mode interactive book, featuring a world-class audio performance of Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem. Go back to the place where it all began, in the midst of a dreary night - the kind, the ghosts of our past (that come back to haunt us) find irresistible. Relive this poetic, frightening and sad tale of love and soul forever lost, in a charming new light. With a powerful original musical score, that resonates deep within, and contemporary original art, that rivals some of the most expressive illustrations of the past - this is an experience you will never forget.

Device: iPod, iPad

3D Interactive Pop-Up Books

Grimms hansel and gretel.png

Grimm's Hansel and Gretel

Description: StoryToys has taken the Grimm Brothers classic and updated it with modern language, a host of dazzling, fully interactive pop-up scenes, wonderful music, narration and humorous sound effects. Grimm’s Hansel & Gretel continues to advance the rich feature-set established by the earlier apps in the series. Watch and interact as each pop-up scene brings the story to life by presenting simple games and tasks to perform, effectively weaving the reader into the fabric of the story.

Device: iPod, iPad
Brimms puss in boots.png

Grimm's Puss in Boots

Description: Join the bold and wily Puss in Boots in his exciting adventures as he tries to make his master’s fortune.

Device: iPod, iPad
Grimms rapunzel.png

Grimm's Rapunzel

Description: Escape into a rich fantasy world with the award winning Grimm’s Rapunzel from StoryToys

Device: iPod, iPad
Grimms red riding hood.png

Grimm's Red Riding Hood

Description: Watch and interact as each pop-up scene brings the story to life by presenting simple tasks to perform, effectively weaving the reader into the fabric of the story. Carefully designed to keep young readers entertained, Grimm’s Red Riding Hood is sure to delight!

Device: iPod, iPad
Grimms sleeping beauty.png

Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Description: Escape to a magical fantasy world of princesses and fairies with the classic fairytale Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.

Device: iPod, iPad
Grimms snow white.png

Grimm's Snow White

Description: Join Snow White in her exciting adventures with the seven dwarfs as she tries to escape the wicked queen.

Device: iPod, iPad

Auryn Books

Auryn is a premiere digital publisher focused on creating award-winning interactive children’s stories for the iPad and other tablet devices. We collaborate with authors, illustrators and publishers to turn their stories into educational, engaging and entertaining experiences.
A abbys aquarium.png

Abby's Aquarium Adventure

Description: Abby’s story introduces not only exotic sea creatures, but also gives an insight into the world of people who work inside the aquarium. Useful facts and fun ‘quirks’ about each fish or sea animal is presented in a language that is easy to understand but also leaves space for more exploration. Your little one would want to learn more about the sea creatures after reading this story.

Device: iPad
A bunny fun.png

Bunny Fun: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Description: This fun app combines learning and entertainment by featuring a bunny character singing and dancing to the song in four languages.

Device: iPad
A chuggy.png

Chuggy and the Blue Caboose

Description: Forgotten on a side-track at a busy railroad yard, a lonely little blue caboose made friends with a little old fashioned engine. When the big Streamliner got stuck in the snow, she reminded the switchman that the old snowplow engine could clear the track in time.

Device: iPad
A Cyrano.png

Cyrano the Crow

Description: Cyrano is a master of bird imitations. When a talent show recruits him, he performs with professional flair, but is unable to fill the last requirement of his engagement: Cyrano cannot make a crow call. Or so he thinks as he goes squawking out of the television studio. Don Freeman acknowledges the role television plays in the child's life and uses it as a device from which to spring his whimsical fantasy.

Device: iPad
A dr duncan.png

Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty

Description: Dr Duncan Dog on Duty is a beautifully illustrated picture book which is a heartwarming expression of bond between human companions and children. "My job is to go to school, ask questions, try my best, and have a good time," says the little girl who tells this story. Everyone in the family has a job, and their dog Duncan's job is to be a therapy dog at the nearby children's hospital. This is a children's book that affirms the idea that everyone (even the family pet) can be of service and has something to share. Children will be introduced to the healing and comfort brought to people of all ages by therapy / assistance dogs.

Device: iPad
A fossil.png


Description: When dinosaurs thundered across the land, and enormous reptiles swam in the salty oceans, reptiles called Ornithocheirus, part of the Pterosaur family, ruled the ancient skies. Claire Ewart transports readers back to the age of the dinosaurs to take flight with a majestic Ornithocheirus that once soared through North American skies more than ninety million years ago, following it from sunup to sunup. And when the Ornithocheirus finally lives out its natural life, layers of Earth and layers of time work to transform this creature into a fossil - an amazing transformation that happens over millions of years.

Device: iPod, iPad
A fruits for little.png

Fruits for Little Lamb

Description: Through a combination of Scripture and heartwarming illustrations, children will love learning the fruits of the Spirit along with Newton and his friends.

Device: iPad
A giant.png

The Giant

Description: A young girl, grieving the loss of her mother, strives to find the giant that her mother promised would look after her. But there are no such things as giants-not real giants . . . or are there? She wants so desperately to believe that it seems as if she's always just missed one. Can she dream her larger-than-life guardian into reality? While she dreams, life on the farm with her father goes on. With lyrical prose her story unfolds-the seasons change, crops are planted, summer turns to fall, and the harvest is brought in. Throughout, one constant remains. The young girl does have a giant looking out for her. He's been with her all along.

Device: iPad
A guard mouse.png

The Guard Mouse

Description: Clyde, a mouse guard at Buckingham Palace, whose job is to keep wee animals from straying on to the royal grounds, gives his visiting cousins a tour of London.

Device: iPad
A inspector.png

Inspector Peckit

Description: A detective, who is also a Parisian pigeon, searches the city for a little girl's lost purse only to discover it in a rather embarrassing place. Another of Mr. Freeman's pigeons flying high and low, a bereted and eager Peckit (""at your beck and call"") flits from the rooftops of Paris, through the Luxembourg Gardens, to an awning at a sidewalk café, all in search of a little girl's lost knit bag. Though temporarily misled by a boy's ball of kite string, a startled diner's plate of spaghetti, and the puffy tip of a poodle's fancy tail, the resolutely debonair inspector finally tracks down the goods in the Eiffel Tower where his mate is using the bag for a nest. The story has a beautiful ending and is sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

Device: iPad
A little mermaid.png

The Little Mermaid

Description: The beloved classic The Little Mermaid - as told by Hans Christian Andersen and illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger - has come to life in a whole new way on the iPad. Submerge yourself (and your kids!) into the world of the mermaid herself through 28 pages filled with interactive splashes, fishes, clouds, underwater reading and so much more.

Device: iPad
A love you to.png

Love You to the Moon & Back

Description: Watch the video trailer below:

Device: iPad
A Miko.png

Miko Goes on Vacation

Description: Miko, Mimiki, and their Mom are off to the beach for a vacation. It’s his first trip, full of new sights and surprises. But the beach is full of strangers, and Miko doesn’t want to leave little Mimiki all alone when he goes in the water. Then he meets Mia on a nearby blanket, who also has a little friend for Mimiki. Now they can all play together, and Miko and Mia can have fun swimming.

Device: iPad
A Mitizs.png

Mitz's World

Description: In Mitzi’s world, every detail is worth seeing. Young readers will enjoy following Mitzi, the spotted dog with a red collar, through all four seasons of the year as she explores the towns, farms, and countryside of America, vividly brought to life by author Deborah Raffin and folk artist Jane Wooster Scott Along with Mitzi there are plenty of other objects to uncover, whether they are candy canes in winter, sail boats in spring, sand castles in summer, or pumpkins in fall. Children will be introduced to counting concepts, seasons, and colors, while the entire family can enjoy the highly beloved folk art form with its colorful and accessible scenes.

Device: iPad
A spring changes.png

Spring Changes

Description: Spring Changes is a 32-page app for children aged 3-7. The most important changes of the spring season are told in brief, simple words and shown in beautiful seasonal photographs. This sensory-based exploration of the seasons is enhanced by textural backgrounds (leaves, clouds, sheep fur, and bird feathers, for example) that fill the pages behind the main photos and text. This is science for the early childhood set: brief text that teaches basic concepts and beautiful photographs that encourage children’s own observations of the world.

Device: iPad
A teardrop.png

The Teardrop Baby

Description: Can tears of sorrow produce wildflowers of joy? This imaginative fairy-tale by the author of Sister Yessa's Story tells the tale of a childless couple whose tears are magically transformed into the baby they want so badly...but what happens when the ragged wizard woman returns to take the child back?

Device: iPad
A teddys day.png

Teddy's Day

Description: Watch the video trailer below:

Device: iPad
A Teddys night.png

Teddy's Night

Description: Teddy's Night boasts a world of imagination as young kids often wonder what their teddy gets up to when they sleep. The charming illustrations of Birte Muller really come to life through hundreds of interactive touch points.

Device: iPad
A tilly witch.png

Tilly Witch

Description: Tilly is a witch and the Queen of Halloween. One day, she tries playing at being happy, reasoning that children use Halloween to play at being evil witches. Unfortunately for her, she is unable to stop being happy once she begins. Tilly Witch then goes out on a quest to cure herself of her happiness.

Device: iPad
A trees grin.png

The Trees Grin Beside Me

Description: The Trees Grin Beside Me is an enchanting children’s picture book app that celebrates the special relationship that children have with the natural world – especially trees. By comparing herself to the majestic trees around her, a young girl begins to learn more about the true meaning of beauty, strength and peace.

Device: iPad

Collin's Big Cat

Collins Big Cat apps, created with Shoo Fly, help to aid language acquisition with an animated book, containing audio and sound effects. They make reading interactive: children can record their own narration and play it back as they read the book. The Story Creator feature helps to transform young readers into writers. You can use the app again and again by using elements of the story to create new books.
CBC around the world.png

Around the World

Description: We went by train, by boat, by plane, around the world and back again. Then where did we go? Follow two children on their journey to India, Africa and China and take a look at what they see. This imaginative poem brings the sights and sounds of their travels to life.

Device: iPad
CBC at the dump.png

At the Dump

Description: Where does the paper go? Where does the glass go? What else can we recycle at the dump? A family trip to the local rubbish dump allows children to practice their own recycling skills – can you drag the correct rubbish into the bins? Help the characters tidy up so that all the household waste is thrown away.

Device: iPad
CBC farmers lunch.png

The Farmer's Lunch

Description: Where’s my sandwich? Where’s my banana? The poor farmer has lost his lunch, but where has it gone? Explore the farmyard to help the farmer find his lunch and discover if the farm animals have a surprise in store for him. This story has a predictable structure and patterned language to help early readers.

Device: iPad
CBC garden.png

In the Garden

Description: Where are the children exploring? In the garden, in the leaves, in the mud – where do they go next? And what are they looking for? Use the magnifying glass to help the children find mini-beasts – you’ll have to look hard, they’re very small! How many can you find?

Device: iPad
CBC it was a cold.png

It Was a Cold, Dark Night

Description: It was a long winter night, and Ned the hedgehog was looking for a home. Does he live down a big hole? Does he live in a tree? As leaves fall to the forest floor and stars twinkle in the night sky, help Ned find a warm place to sleep for the winter.

Device: iPad
CBC my bike ride.png

My Bike Ride

Description: I’m going on a bike ride. Come with me! This simple non-fiction recount of a girl’s ride along a cycle trail introduces and reinforces directions. Up, down, left, right, come and ride with me! Make the bikes move in the right direction by making the correct gesture across the screen.

Device: iPad
CBC playing.png


Description: We like playing in the rain, the wind, the snow and the mud. Where do you like playing? Read along as three children play outside whatever the weather. Written and illustrated by the award-winning Tim Hopgood, this story has a predictable story and patterned language to support early readers.

Device: iPad
CBC steam train.png

The Steam Train

Description: The steam train is pulling out of the station, it heads to the hills, into a rainstorm, through a tunnel and out the other side into the sunshine and to the seaside. Follow the rhythm and the rhyme of this simple poem and travel with the train on its wonderful adventure.

Device: iPad

LAZ Readers

Learning A–Z, created by ReadSmart, provides materials delivered online and through the iTunes Store that help children learn to read, write, and discover the wonders of science. All our materials are leveled so that children can access information at their reading level. Our leveled readers begin at level aa with labeling objects. In level A simple sentences are presented. With each level thereafter the sentences get more complex and the words become a little more difficult.
LAZ bananas.png

Bananas Sometimes

Description: PRESCHOOL TO KINDERGARTEN readers use their imagination when reading this humorous story about a child who envisions everyday objects made from bananas. Predictable sentence patterns and pictures support the students as they read. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: visualize, nouns.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ discovering dino.png

Discovering Dinosaurs

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will learn that scientists have found the fossilized remains of dinosaur bones, footprints, teeth, nests, and eggs. They will also learn how scientists dig up, wrap, transport, and study dinosaur remains. The text is supported by fascinating photos and illustrations. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: main idea and details, content vocabulary.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ farm animals.png

Farm Animals

Description: PRESCHOOL TO KINDERGARTEN readers will enjoy this simple book that introduces seven charming farm animals, most of which will be familiar to the reader. The playful illustrations support one-to-one picture to text correspondence. A discussion question after the reading helps build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: main idea and details, categorize.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ how to make.png

How to Make Lemonade

Description: FIRST GRADE TO SECOND GRADE readers will read about how to make icy, cold lemonade all by themselves. Readers will learn about the ingredients and the steps needed to make homemade lemonade. Photographs reinforce the steps in preparing it. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, synonyms.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ how zebras.png

How Zebras Got Their Strips

Description: FIRST GRADE TO SECOND GRADE readers will read a Ugandan folktale about two donkeys who are tired of working and want an easier life. They meet a wise man who turns the donkeys into zebras by painting them. The idea catches on, but some of the donkeys run out of patience and pay the price. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: story elements, syllables.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ introducing.png

Introducing Planet Earth

Description: FIRST GRADE TO SECOND GRADE readers will read facts pertaining to Earth, including how Earth supports life, how the seasons occur, and how day becomes night. Physical attributes are defined, such as continents, equator, latitude, longitude, and axis tilt. Illustrations support the text. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: main idea and details, compound words. 

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ landons pumpkin.png

Landon's Pumpkin

Description: SECOND TO THIRD GRADE readers will read about a boy named Landon who remembers what happened last Halloween when he really messed up his pumpkin while trying to carve a jack-o'-lantern. This Halloween, he works with his dad on a plan to plant, grow, and harvest his own pumpkins so he will have enough for himself and his younger brother to practice carving. Landon successfully carries out his plan and ends up using the three R's—reduce, reuse, and recycle—in the process. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, prefixes.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ making pizza.png

Making Pizza

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will read about a girl and her mom who show the ingredients and sequence needed to make a yummy pizza. At the end of the story, the girl enjoys the pepperoni pizza she and her mom made. Photographs and high-frequency words support early readers. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, high-frequency words.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ maria counts.png

Maria Counts Pumpkins

Description: PRESCHOOL TO KINDERGARTEN readers will delight as they watch Maria sit on the stoop outside her apartment with her dog as seven relatives bring her pumpkins. The pumpkins crowd the dog and Maria off the stoop. The repeated sentence patterns and pictures help early readers retain meaning and read counting words. Discussion questions after the reading build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: counting words, cause and effect.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ math test.png

Math Test Mix-Up

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will read about two students who experience a dilemma when they don't follow directions to write their names on their tests. Both children end up learning an important lesson and become better students in the process. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: compare and contrast, contractions.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ riding.png

Riding with Rosa Parks

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will read about a period in American history when segregation laws denied African-American people equal rights. The story is told from the point of view of a fictitious character, Marissa, who witnesses the bravery Rosa Parks displayed when she refused to give up her seat on the bus. The story provides students with the opportunity to learn how one person can make a difference. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, high-frequency words

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ seed grows.png

A Seed Grows

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will read about the life cycle of a plant, from a seed falling on the ground to the production of roots and leaves, and finally to the production of a new seed. The book ends with readers contemplating what will happen next. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, content vocabulary.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ sky is falling.png

The Sky is Falling

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will read this classic tale of rumor and panic retold in this hilarious book. Students will delight in the snowballing effect of the story and the comic illustrations. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, alphabetize.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ three little pigs.png

The Three Little Pigs

Description: KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE readers will read the classic folktale The Three Little Pigs retold with rich description—featuring the big, bad wolf huffing and puffing to blow down the straw house, the stick house, and the brick house. As expected, the three little pigs live happily ever after in the brick house. Illustrations support the text. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sequence events, antonyms.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ three pigs.png

Three Little Pigs: The Wolf's Story

Description: SECOND GRADE readers will enjoy this retelling of the The Three Little Pigs told from the wolf's point of view. Readers will sympathize with the homeless, freezing wolf as he suffers a cold and can't stop sneezing. Illustrations support the text. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: compare and contrast, descriptive words.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ totem.png

Totem Poles

Description: SECOND GRADE readers will learn in what parts of the United States totem poles are found, why they are used and by whom, and how totem poles are carved. Photographs of totem poles, and of figures found on totem poles, enhance the text. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: fact and details, content vocabulary.

Device: iPod, iPad
LAZ woodsy.png

The Woodsy Band Jam

Description: PRESCHOOL TO KINDERGARTEN readers will enjoy reading about a concert put on by the animals from the woods. Readers will have an opportunity to develop book language using the Out came… repetitive phrase. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: reality/fantasy, quotation marks.

Device: iPod, iPad

Magic Ink Books

MI Cinderella.png


Description: Experience Cinderella in a way you have never experienced it before - through Magic Ink Books™ beautiful rendition of this timeless classic.
  • Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
  • Find the hidden magical carriage on every color page
  • Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
  • Read it Myself

Device: iPod, iPad
MI Frog prince.png

A Frog Prince

Description: Experience The Frog Prince in a way you have never experienced it before - through Magic Ink Books™ beautiful rendition.
  • Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
  • Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
  • Read it Myself

Device: iPod, iPad
MI ithink i can.png

I Think I Can

Description: Join this little trains and see how a little belief in yourself can change the world around you for the better - through Magic Ink Books™ beautiful rendition of this classic tale.
  • Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
  • Find the next verse of the original Train song hidden on every color page
  • Launch secret animations
  • Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
  • Read it Myself

Device: iPod, iPad
MI little mermaid.png

The Little Mermaid's Surprise

Description: Meet the Little Mermaid and her friends in this cute, free Magic Ink Book.
  • Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
  • Listen to Mermaid talk to you.
  • Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
  • Read it Myself

Device: iPod, iPad
MI tinker bell.png

Tinker Bell & Friends

Description: Meet Tinker Bell and her friends in this cute, free Magic Ink Book.
  • Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
  • Listen to Tinker Bell and her friends talk to you.
  • Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
  • Read it Myself

Device: iPod, iPad


StoryChimes™ are interactive children’s stories available for the iPhone and iPod Touch accessible exclusively through Apple’s iTunes App Store. These fun and educational stories are brought to life by great narration, music and more!
SC 123 count.png

123 Count With Me!

Description: 123 Count with Me is an interactive, fun and educational book that helps children learn how to count. Each number from 1 through 14 is paired with a different animal, and the colorful pictures tell the story of what those animals do as you count along with the narrator. There is a music video bonus feature at the end of the StoryChime and when you play it, it turns the text on the pages into the lyrics of a song, complete with wild animal sounds!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC chewdalottie.png

Chewdalootie, Doing My Duty

Description: A rhyming story about a adorable dog named Chewdalootie, who when left alone, chewed up everything in sight! Chewdalootie shows us that LOVE involves commitment and responsibility and without it some pretty chewed up consequences can occur. A story that teaches the responsibility of pet ownership, attention and care. Written in Sing-song, lyrical rhyme.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC elves.png

Elves and the Shoemaker

Description: A poor shoemaker discovers that someone has snuck into his shop at night and made the most beautiful pair of shoes. It happens night after night. The shoemaker and his wife hatch a plan to discover who their helpers are and how to thank them.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Emperor.png

The Emperor's New Clothes

Description: An Emperor who cares for nothing but his appearance and attire hires two tailors who promise him the finest suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position. The Emperor cannot see the cloth himself, but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position. Before long, his subjects notice that he indeed has no clothes on! The Emperor cringes, suspecting the assertion is true, but holds himself up proudly and continues the procession.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Fanny Foozie.png

Fanny Foozie

Description: Fanny begins each day with a challenge and the credo of there are no problems only solutions. She sees the town of Flamboozle as an unlimited source of wonder and new experiences. She awakes to each day ready for the wonder it brings and the new experiences that wait. With each surprise she encounters she finds the clue or the missing word or the out of place cow or answers the question and solves the situation. Fanny is aided and sometimes hampered by her cast of friends.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC frog prince.png

The Frog Prince

Description: The Frog Prince is the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale in which a young Princess loses her favorite golden ball in a nearby spring. Only a nice frog can rescue her ball from the deep waters. Thinking the little frog can’t leave the water, she promises him anything he asks as long as she gets her ball back. Turns out, that’s not quite how the story goes!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Goldybear.png


Description: Here's our spin on the classic "Goldilocks" fairy tale. It's the story of a little bear named Goldybear. She lives in a very small cave with a very large family and the only thing she wishes for is some peace & quiet. Once upon a time her wish is granted by a sly fox. He grants the wish with certain conditions that Goldy must meet or she has to go back home. Come along with Goldybear on her very own fairy tale!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC hansel and gretel.png

Hansel and Gretel

Description: Poor Hansel, Gretel and their family have nothing to eat. What will they do? Turns out their evil stepmother has an idea. She’ll take the children deep into the forest, hoping they get lost forever. Thereby, leaving enough to eat for her and their father. Unfortunately for her, Hansel and Gretel are smart enough to realize what’s happening. While determined to find their way back home, they get lost and stumble upon a house made of gingerbread! In this darker fairytale, the two siblings get tricked by a wicked witch and have to find their way out of the gravest of trouble. Will they?

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Im gronk.png

I'm Gronk & I'm Green

Description: A story about a playful and pleasing little dog who places fun in front of obeying the rules. The lessons Gronk learns are about the consequences of not following instructions. Little things can turn you green. And it's a silly thing for a dog to be green.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC im maximum.png

I'm Maximum Cat, and That's a Fact!

Description: A big, fat blue cat is the constant source of jokes and mischievous fun poking who turns the tables of his fate by showing that he is unique and not different, and that seeing beyond color and size to the inside is what matters most.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC land of.png

In the Land of Stinkmucky

Description: An environmental tale told in the spirit of Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, come along and join Finnius McFilthy on his journey. Finnius wants to know where all the trash in their world comes from, and why there’s so much of it. It turns out, the answer is very surprising and hits close to home in our world.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC jack and beanstalk.png

Jack and the Beanstalk

Description: Jack and the Beanstalk is that age old tale of a curious boy who finds himself in a world of over-sized trouble. Young Jack and his mother have nothing left but their prized cow with which to make money. Needing to eat, Jack sells the special cow in exchange for five “magical” beans.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Jasper 4th.png

Jasper in 4th of July Fireworks

Description: Join Jasper and Smiley on their patriotic adventure! It’s the 4th of July and Jasper and Smiley are in search of their family to join them at their favorite spot to watch the best fireworks ever!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Jasper garbage.png

Jasper in the Garbage Can

Description: Come join Jasper and his pal Smiley in their latest adventure, as they chase each inside out outside of their house! These two friends always find themselves in some mischief. How will they work it out this time?

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Jasper egg race.png

Jasper in the Great Easter Egg Race

Description: Join Jasper and Smiley on their latest adventure! It’s Easter and their friend Fluffy pays them a visit. She’s planted treat filled eggs all around the house. The first one to find five of these hidden treasures - wins!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Jasper thin ice.png

Jasper in On Thin Ice

Description: Jasper is the lovable cute dog and Smiley the cat is his best friend in the whole world. Together, they always seem to find themselves getting into mischief, making each other laugh and just having fun!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC jetpack.png

Jetpack Benny

Description: It’s the summer of 1969 and Benny the squirrel was having a great summer. At the end of a long playful day, an owl attach separated him from his father. Leaving him an orphan. Benny was determined to stop the owl from any further attacks on the rest of the animals. The only way he could think to combat the owl was to build a jet pack! Together with his new pal, Eve, they design the perfect jet pack to save the day.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC kittywimpuss.png

Kittywimpuss Got Game

Description: This story, about a lovable cat, shares the importance that winning begins when you show up and become part of the team and the value of fellowship and sharing among friends.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC match girl.png

The Little Match Girl

Description: On a cold New Year’s Eve, a poor girl tries to sell matches in the street. She is freezing badly, but can’t go home because she hasn’t sold any matches all day long. She takes shelter and lights the matches to warm herself. In their glow, she sees several lovely visions including a Christmas tree and a holiday feast. She strikes one match after another to keep the vision of her grandmother, and the warmth of matches themselves, for as long as she can.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC lucky duck.png

Lucky Chuck the Chicken Duck

Description: Lucky Chuck the Chicken Duck is a story about finding friends who appreciate you for who you are, no matter what you look like. Chuck doesn't fit in with the other chickens or ducks on the far. They all laugh at what he looks like. But he doesn't let that bother him and instead, finds other animals who accept him just as he is - the luckiest chicken duck who ever was.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC megans skates.png

Megan's New Skates

Description: Megan's New Skates is a walk back in time. It recaptures the love, trust and unique bond that can only be shared by a father and daughter. Adapted from the original poem "Megan" by beloved Cooperstown NY writer Nick Alicino, "Megan's New Skates" chronicles the writer's own amazement and joy at the simple and unforgettable moments, and how much they should be savored before time passes too quickly.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC fave shoes.png

My Favorite Shoes

Description: This is a cute little story about two sisters and their love of sneakers.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC noahs ark.png

Noah's Ark

Description: As adapted from the Book of Genesis, this recounts Noah's journey in the Ark when God flooded the Earth.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC princess and pea.png

Princess and the Pea

Description: Once upon a time a young prince wants to marry a princess, but is having difficulty finding a suitable princess. Something is always wrong with those he meets, and he cannot be certain they are real princesses. One night, a princess comes to their door. We soon discover that only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through 20 mattresses! The two are married, and the pea is placed in the Royal Museum.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Purrlonia.png

Purrlonia's Lullaby

Description: Purrlonia is an emotionally engaging cat with a remarkable feature that attracts little creatures. Providing an endearing message of friendship, Carman delivers a timeless and universal story about the need to connect, respect, and protect in order to survive and thrive and live in harmony.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC queen bee.png

The Queen Bee

Description: The Queen Bee is a tale of three brothers, princes actually, who couldn't be more different. The youngest, and wide eyed, of the bunch sets out in search of his much more adventurous brothers. His brothers find him something of a nuisance. So they tease and bully him the whole journey until they arrive at an enchanted castle that's been turned to stone.

 They are given three challenges to complete to restore the castle to its original beauty. Whoever completes all three tasks will be rewarded with the princess' hand in marriage. Simpleton finds his own way, through kindness, to beat the odds and break the enchantment, living happily ever after.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC race.png

Race of the Zodiac

Description: China holds many mysteries. One of them is how were the dragon, tiger, rat and other animals chosen for the Chinese Zodiac? The Emperor sets up a race. Follow the animals across China's many landscapes and find out who crosses the finish line first... and who winds up last.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Rapunzel.png


Description: Up for a little tangled affair? Then read the Rapunzel StoryChimes! Rapunzel is the classic tale about a beautiful young girl who is a victim of circumstance. She’s trapped in an isolated tower deep in the forest. The evil sorceress has her held captive against her will. Only the young prince can save her from her lonely fate.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC red shoes.png

The Red Shoes

Description: Based on the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Red Shoes is a heartwarming tale about a poor orphan girl who inherits a pair of magical dancing shoes from the Queen. The girl proudly wears her shoes everywhere she goes, now that it’s the only thing she owns. The shoes take on a mind of their own and dance even though the poor girl wants to stop! She’s rescued by a handsome soldier who carries her back to the orphanage. Determined to see him again, she sneaks away and into the Grand Ball that the Queen is hosting. As luck would have it, the magical red shoes take over again, and this time the soldier is able to pry the shoes off her feet, thereby saving her.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Rupelstiltskin.png


Description: Rumpelstiltskin is the age old tale about a miller who promised his king that his daughter could spin gold out of straw. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have slightest idea how! Caught between being arrested for lying to the king and trusting a strange little man she had never met, she must choose. Does this strange man really know how to spin gold out of straw? Will the daughter deliver gold to the king as promised? Does she find her happy ever after?

Device: iPod, iPad
SC sleeping beauty.png

Sleeping Beauty

Description: Come along to read the enchanted tale of a princess doomed to sleep for 100 years. Only her true, brave and honest prince can save her. Come now, as Sleeping Beauty awaits her happily ever after.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Snow White.png

Snow White

Description: Snow White is the classic fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. Snow White grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Much to the dismay of the evil Queen, her stepmother. The Queen tries many things to ensure that she will remain the the prettiest woman of all. With the help of some clever dwarfs and one handsome princess, Snow White finds her happily ever after.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC story of Easter.png

The Story of Easter

Description: The Story of Easter is an illustrated retelling of the last days of Jesus’ life and subsequent resurrection.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Three Little pigs.png

The Three Little Pigs

Description: This is our take on on the classic Pigs tale, starring your favorite pigs - Harold, Herman and Larry. That pesky big bad wolf is determined to blow all their houses down! Cute pigs, witty humor and big bad wolf. What more could you want in a story.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Three Pigs 2.png

Three Little Pigs 2: Wolf and the Hound

Description: Come join our favorite pigs on their second fun-filled adventure as they try to playfully get back at that pesky wolf! Only this time, the little wolf has brought some help.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC thumbelina.png


Description: Thumbelina is the timeless tale of a tiny sized girl who overcomes great obstacles. She may be small in size, but has a big heart. Along her journey to happily ever after she encounters toads, harsh weather, a field mouse, a mole, birds, a friendly swallow and finally her prince.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC Jasper Christmas.png

Twas the Night Before Japser's Christmas

Description: Join Jasper the dog and Smiley the cat in their take on this classic Christmas tale! It will help put you in the holiday spirit!

Device: iPod, iPad
SC ugly duckling.png

The Ugly Duckling

Description: The Ugly Duckling is the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale about a bird born into the wrong family. As a young duckling, the bird was not very attractive or liked very much. He was picked on and teased on by everyone he met. Ultimately, the bird runs away from his mother and home seeking a more friendly place to be. Across many adventures, he does end up finding his friendly place and grows into the most beautiful swan.

Device: iPod, iPad
SC very first Christmas.png

The Very First Christmas

Description: The Very First Christmas tells the story of the Nativity in a simple and straightforward way, especially for children and without the modern trappings of Santa, shopping, tinsel and glitter. Adapted from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, The Very First Christmas, is a wonderful way to share the concept of why we celebrate Christmas.

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TT Alice in wonderland.png

Alice in Wonderland

Description: Follow Alice as she falls down the rabbit's hole into a fantasy world.

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TT Ant Grasshopper.png

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Description: Join the Ant as she stores up food and prepares for winter while the grasshopper spends his time dancing & singing.

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TT Around the world.png

Around the World in 80 Days

Description: Join Phileas Fogg & his good friend Passpartou as they attempt to complete a fascinating challenge and travel around the world in 80 days.

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TT Busy Mom.png

Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom

Description: This original story of a busy, hi-tech mom who works day and night will resonate with all working parents who struggle to have quality time with their kids and also get their work done. In this story, a little boy fantasizes what it would be like if his mom changed jobs. Maybe she should be a farmer or a police officer or a writer. Mother and son go through the options of what life would be like if she had another gig.

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TT Busy Dad.png

Busy Dad, Hi-Tech Dude

Description: This original story of a busy, hi-tech dad who works day and night will resonate with all working parents who struggle to have quality time with their kids and also get their work done. In this story, a little girl fantasizes what it would be like if her dad changed jobs. Maybe he should be a farmer or a police officer or a writer. Dad and daughter go through the options of what life would be like if he had another gig.

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TT Christmas tale.png

Christmas Tale

Description: Christmas Tale brings the holiday spirit to you and your children, unfolding Christmas events as you move through the pages. Come and meet Santa at his home in the North Pole and join him as he brings joy and happiness to all the children of the world.

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TT Emperors new clothes.png

The Emperor's New Clothes

Description: Join the Emperor and his advisors in this magical fairytale and see how two tailors promise the Emperor the finest clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position.

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TT Ethan.png

Ethan's Super Power

Description: A friendly and furry baby blue monster named Ethan is about to be born into a family with sensational super powers! In this empowering story, kids will learn that the greatest power is actually within themselves to make anything happen. But first, a baby monster needs to be hatched! Tap the shell until the egg cracks and meet adorable baby Ethan and his family of friendly monsters.

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TT fisherman and fish.png

The Fisherman and the Golden Fish

Description: The tale is about a Fisherman who catches a magical Golden Fish which grants the Fisherman a wish in exchange for its freedom. Watch your children as they are fascinated by this beautiful storybook as the story unfolds.

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TT four seasons.png

The Four Seasons

Description: Help save the planet!!! Raise awareness & teach your children about all of the precious gifts that mother nature has to offer: clean air, refreshing water, green environment and many more...all in the context of a beautiful interactive children's story book set around the changing seasons.

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TT fox and crow.png

The Fox and the Crow

Description: The Fox and the Crow is a beautiful interactive retelling of Aesop's famous fable that teaches children an important lesson in life - not to trust flatterers. Your children are sure to enjoy an exceptional reading experience as they follow this remarkable story line which includes many educational activities inside.

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TT Goldilocks.png

Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears

Description: Join Goldilocks on her remarkable adventure which begins in a morning stroll through the forest and ends with finding true friendship.

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TT Gulliver.png

Gulliver's Travels in Lilliput Land

Description: Gulliver's Travels in Lilliput land is a beautiful interactive & magical production of the famous fairy tale by Jonathan Swift. Watch Gulliver as he is washed ashore after a shipwreck and finds himself captured by the little people of Lilliput.

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TT Jack and beanstalk.png

Jack and the Beanstalk

Description: Follow a courageous little boy as he learns how to never give up & saves the day.

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TT Kofiki.png

Kofiko the Magnificent Mischievous Monkey

Description: Brought into the lives of the family (and left there) by their uncle, funny Kofiko manages to shake up their world and even teach them a thing or two about themselves. However, as an intelligent and resourceful monkey he is able to discover things about the world of humans that transcend their awareness, and make us laugh as we follow him around…

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TT Pinocchio.png


Description: Pinocchio is a beautiful interactive & magical production of the famous fairy tale by Carlo Collodi. See this remarkable story come to life like never before!!! When a wooden puppet magically becomes a real boy and learns that it is always best to tell the truth. Enjoy amazing interactive activities, superb animation and brilliant sound effects your children are sure to enjoy.

Device: iPod, iPad
TT princess and frog.png

The Princess and the Frog

Description: The Princess and the Frog The Princess and the Frog is a beautiful interactive & magical production of one of the most famous fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Teach your children one of the most important lessons in life how not to judge a book by its cover.

Device: iPod, iPad
TT princess and pea.png

The Princess and the Pea

Description: Join the Prince on his journey around the world as he seeks his perfect soul-mate and falls in love with a beautiful princess. Watch and learn how even the smallest things can make a big difference.

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TT Puss in Boots.png

Puss in Boots

Description: Watch how a clever cat helps a miller’s son win the heart of the king’s daughter in this beautiful & magical production.

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TT selfish giant.png

The Selfish Giant

Description: Visit the Giant’s garden, discover a magical world, meet new friends and embark on an enchanting experience. See this remarkable story come to life like never before!!!

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TT Shoemaker.png

The Shoemaker and the Elves

Description: Take your children on a magical journey & join the shoemaker and his wife as they receive lots of help from their friends the Elves and create the finest pairs of shoes ever made. Teach your children an important lesson that in giving they receive.

Device: iPod, iPad
TT Town mouse.png

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Description: The tale is about a two mice who are good friends and visit each other’s home. Take a trip through the beautiful town & country scenery and watch your children as they are fascinated by this beautiful storybook as the story unfolds.

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TT Ugly duckling.png

The Ugly Duckling

Description: The Ugly Duckling is a beautiful interactive production of one of the famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen which teaches children an important lesson about not to judging a book by it's cover.

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TT Wizard of oz.png

The Wizard of Oz

Description: The Wizard of Oz Follow Dorothy and Toto as they are carried away from their Kansas farm in a hurricane. Discover a magical world with fairies, meet new friends and help them realize their true self.

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adventures of nils.png

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Description: Join Nils on his magical journey, meet new friends and see the world like you’ve never seen it before!!! Watch how Nils learns an important lesson and realizes that we should all treat all living things with trust & care.

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eBook Readers

Follett Reader.png

Follett Digital Reader

Description: Enjoy easy and instant access to your school library’s Follett eBook collection on the go from your iPad with the Follett Digital Reader app. The Follett Digital Reader app gives you access to Follett eBooks that you have checked out from your library. Check with your school library staff for available titles.
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Description: The Freading application is for reading EPUB books and PDF books. The application was developed for users of the Freading Ebook Service and provides access to thousands of eBooks. This service is available free through the Kansas State Library with your Kansas State Library Card. Checkout this website for more information about Freading -

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Description: The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, giving users the ability to read Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDFs on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Amazon Whispersync automatically syncs your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across devices (including Kindle), so you can pick up your book where you left off on another device. You must have an Amazon account to use this app.

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Description: Working in close collaboration with the reading experts at Scholastic, Storia is a FREE teacher-recommended eReading App designed to engage kids of all ages and reading levels. Storia's exciting digital experience offers fun, age-appropriate learning activities along with a growing collection of the just-right titles kids love, from the award-winning authors they want to read. You receive 5 free books when you download Storia. You must have a Scholastic account to use this app.

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