Teachers should also checkout the following pages for apps they might want to add to their teacher device:

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Classroom Management

Best Stopwatch.png

Best Stopwatch

Description: Best Stopwatch is great for timing sport events and contests (it is accurate to 1/100 of a second) as well as just timing your activities or measure an event duration. The stopwatch includes both lap and split mode. Lap mode records and shows time between your Lap presses, while Split mode records the time on the stopwatch when you tap Split since started. Best Stopwatch also lets you copy your records and paste them to any other applications.

Device: iPod, iPad
Make Dice Lite.png

Make Dice Lite

Description: Make dice for class tasks, vocabulary words, math operations and more

Device: iPod, iPad
Random Name Selector.png

Random Name Selector

Description: A Fun classroom management tool for Teachers, that will engage and entertain students. The Random Name Selector is a Fun (and fair) way to select students for that special task or to answer that question. Simply create one or more classes/groups. Add students to those groups. The App will then randomly select students from the highlighted group. All names will be displayed before a name is displayed for a second time.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Need to select between a bunch of people? Selector will decide for you! Have everyone hold a finger on the device and the spinner will spin until it selects one person. Only selects between 5 people at one time

Device: iPod, iPad
Stick Pick.png

Stick Pick

Description: Pick a student at random just by giving your device a shake or tapping the screen -- but that’s just the beginning. Stick Pick suggests question starters for learners at different levels and also records how well students respond during classroom discussions. If a student is consistently scoring near the top or bottom, simply change the level so students aren't bored or frustrated. Depending on students' levels of English proficiency, they might be asked simple yes-or-no questions or to elaborate in longer sentences.

*Note: This app costs $2.99, so if you would like it for your teacher device contact the tech department.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Use TallyPad for scorekeeping, learning to count by groups, counting money or whatever other creative uses you find.

Device: iPod, iPad
Timer +.png

Timer +

Description: Set multiple timers at once! Time by the second, minute or hour. Runs in the background so you’re free to use other apps. Comes with 7 alarms.

Device: iPod, iPad
Too Noisy.png

Too Noisy

Description: Anyone who has attempted to keep the noise levels under control of a group of youngsters will appreciate this simple, fun and engaging app. This is a fun app that children enjoy and respond to. It's a real boon to any adult who needs to control the levels of noise of a group of children. "Too Noisy" displays graphically the background noise level in a room in a fun and engaging way.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: This app has everything you need to make a difficult decision easier. It's six amazing and slick utilities can help you decide the undecided - whatever that might be. This app can also be a game saver if you've lost an important piece of a board game.
Utility Features Include:
  • 6-sided die - roll up to 6 dice at once
  • Coin Flip - allows you to keep tally of heads and tails
  • Spinner
  • Straw Pull
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors (paid version only)
  • Lehmer Algorithm Random Number Generator (Change max value in paid version)

Device: iPod, iPad

Must Haves

Common Core.png

Common Core

Description: View the Common Core State Standards in one convenient FREE app! A great reference for students, parents, and teachers to easily read and understand the core standards. Quickly find standards by subject, grade, and subject category (domain/cluster). This app includes Math standards K-12 and Language Arts standards K-12. Math standards include both traditional and integrated pathways (as outlined in Appendix A of the common core) and synthesizes Language Arts standards with the Corresponding College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR's).

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Get the official Gmail app for your iPhone or iPad. The newly redesigned app brings the best of Gmail with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search across your entire inbox. With the Gmail app, you can:
  • Switch between up to 5 accounts
  • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options
  • Search through all your mail quickly - now with predictions as you type
  • See profile pictures as part of the conversation
  • Read your mail with threaded conversations
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
  • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
  • Read and respond to interactive Google+ posts right from the app
  • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
  • Send and receive attachments
  • Customize emails with custom scribbles

Device: iPod, iPad
Google Drive.png

Google Drive

Description: Google Drive is one safe place for all your stuff. Upload photos, videos, documents, and other files that are important to you, then access what you need wherever you go, on any device. Get going with up to 15GB of storage. Free.
  • Edit and create documents and spreadsheets with Docs and Sheets
  • Share photos and files with friends and family
  • Always have the latest version of your documents, whether at home or in the office
  • Pin files to make them available offline
  • Keep photos and videos from your device in Drive so you have everything if it breaks or is lost
  • Access your stuff from a new device without having to transfer or download anything

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping. Highlight your data with stunning 3D bar, line, area, and pie charts, animated with new 3D chart builds such as Crane, Grow, Radial, and Rotate. Use full-screen view to present right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Or use video mirroring to present on an HDTV, and preview your slides and notes on your device using the Presenter Display. Keynote works with iCloud, so your presentations stay up to date on all your devices — automatically.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Pages is the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. This powerful app has been exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Create, edit, and view documents wherever you are. Pages works with iCloud, so your documents stay up to date on all your devices — automatically.

Device: iPod, iPad

Apps for Finding Apps

Apps Gone Free.png

Apps Gone Free

Description: Find great apps without spending a dime! Get high quality paid apps for free each day. Unlike other apps, we offer no paid listings - these are expert-picked top-ranked apps, for FREE! We filter out the junk. Don't waste your time looking at all the free apps generated by robots, scouring through them to find something worth downloading, let us do the work for you. It's an honest to goodness human-curated list of the best free apps each day (about 5-10 each day).

Device: iPod, iPad
App Tracker.png

App Tracker

Description: Do you surf the net looking for the best deals? Do you love apps that are free? Then Free App Tracker is the perfect app for you! Free App Tracker displays a collection of apps on the app store that are FREE or have recently dropped in price!

Device: iPod, iPad

Apps for Online Tools



Description: Learn something new every day! Bring learning to your fingertips™ with the BrainPOP Featured Movie app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz – free!

Device: iPod, iPad
Class Dojo.png

Class Dojo

Description: ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. Teachers can use this app to give students realtime feedback while in class - it will sync with the main ClassDojo website. Better learning behaviors, smoother lessons, and hassle-free data - and it's free for teachers!

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Award-winning Edmodo for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. Use your iOS device to send notes, submit assignments, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom. Teachers can post messages, keep tabs on recent assignment submissions, and grade assignments. Students can view and turn in assignments and check their latest grades. Class discussions can be conducted securely, both during and outside of school hours. Files can be shared between Edmodo and other applications such as Pages.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Create and manage Kidblog accounts from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Teachers can monitor blog activity and moderate comments and posts. Students can easily upload photos and videos directly from their iOS device - with no embed codes or HTML.

Device: iPod, iPad
Socrative Teacher.png

Socrative - Teacher

Description: Socrative brings smart clickers, student response and ease of use to a whole new level. Engage the entire classroom with educational exercises and games while capturing student results in real-time. Interact with the data to further student understanding in the moment, and review the reports to prepare for future classes. Socrative will even aggregate and grade your pre-made activities! Saving you time, so you can engage more with your students on an individual level.

Device: iPod, iPad

Learning Network

Atomic Learning.png

Atomic Learning

Description: Atomic Learning offers training and professional learning to help students, educators and school leaders bring technology and curriculum together. With training at your fingertips, you can learn at your convenience – even when you’re not online.
  • Access your Atomic Learning subscription
  • Search for specific content
  • Browse by topic
  • Download Atomic Learning training to your iPad for viewing without an internet connection
  • Automatically sync app activity to your Atomic Learning account
  • Easily view your assignments and favorites
  • Earn, view and share certificates of completion
  • Quickly share your favorite series

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Connect to other education professionals & organizations and share your education ideas.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Feedly is a better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites. Organize your favorite blogs, news sites and Youtube channels and access them all in one place (or sync with Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook).

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news you care about, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest to you. When you first launch Flipboard simply pick a few topics to start reading everything from world news to sports, travel and more. You can also add popular publications, such as The New York Times or Vanity Fair, or add Etsy to shop right from Flipboard. You can find thousands of websites, RSS feeds and interesting sources like Politico and Brain Pickings, or explore magazines being created on Flipboard in “By Our Readers” -- just tap the red ribbon and use the Content Guide to get started. Flipboard also lets you enjoy all your social networks. Add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more to see updates from your social world, all in a beautiful magazine style experience. Now the news your friends share is a breeze to flip through -- with headlines and excerpts that give you an immediate glimpse into the world around you. Anything you like, comment on or favorite goes right back into your social networks, so you can easily interact and add to the conversation.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Compose and converse on the go. HootSuite for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows you to manage your social media profiles, like Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, from almost anywhere. Simple, elegant and powerful, HootSuite allows you to send and schedule updates, track click stats, and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags, and lists.

Device: iPod, iPad
iTunes U.png

iTunes U

Description: The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Whether you’re majoring in molecular biology at a university, taking Spanish in high school, or just interested in European history, you now have a valuable tool to help you learn anytime, anywhere.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: The app makes it even easier to connect and grow your network, engage with professional content and gain insights right from the stream. The new intelligent navigation is personalized just for you based on how you use LinkedIn everyday.
  • Find and connect with more than 225 million members worldwide
  • Stay up to date with people in your network
  • Search for people, jobs, companies and groups
  • Follow influencers to get insights and original content from industry leaders in your stream*
  • Update your profile from within the app*
  • View and save recommended jobs*
  • Read the latest industry news
  • Follow and learn more about companies
  • Keep up with your favorite groups

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Pinterest is a tool to find your inspiration and share it with others. Use it to collect things you love, organize and plan important projects, and more. Great tool for teachers to collect and share ideas & resources

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. There’s so much you can do, right from the palm of your hand. Set-up author interviews, connect with students in another school or arrange some other interview or tour via Skype.

Device: iPod, iPad
TED Talk.png

TED Talks

Description: The official TED app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch presents talks from some of the world's most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends. Find more than 1,400 TEDTalk videos (with more added each week) on the official TED app -- now for both iPad and iPhone. The entire library is at your fingertips to browse at any time, even when you’re not online. Watch TEDTalks with subtitles in over 90 languages directly on your device through our new video player, or use AirPlay to watch them on your home entertainment system. Curate your own playlist. Download full videos to your device and watch them when you’re offline. Listen to an on-demand playlist of TEDTalks audio at any time. The TED app updates almost every day with new talks from TED events around the world. Sort the featured library by recency or popularity. Browse talks by tags, themes, or language. Share your favorite talks with your friends.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: With Twitter, you can watch the world unfold like never before.
  • Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.
  • Follow people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.
  • Express yourself with photos, videos and comments.
  • Big with professionals in sharing ideas and growing their Professional Learning Network

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Zite is an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read. Your Zite is as unique as you are. Zite learns what you like and gets smarter as you use it. Zite analyzes millions of articles each day and brings you the best of your favorite magazines, newspapers, authors, blogs, and videos. Zite also helps you to discover content that you won’t find elsewhere. Zite surfaces fresh voices, different perspectives and unique topics. With more than 40,000 topics to choose from, Zite will guide you to new interests when life gets stale - whether you want recipe ideas, the latest political news or to research an obscure interest. Finally, Zite’s design combines beauty and brains. While Zite is fueled by a powerful discovery engine, we’ve focused on making Zite both clean and simple. You’ll get all the benefit of our powerful technology wrapped in a beautiful design that’s a joy to pick up every day.

Device: iPod, iPad


Core Math.png

Core Math

Description: Track progress of up to 50 students against common core state standards for mathematics.

Device: iPod/iPad


Description: Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play... With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photos and text, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere.
  • Help students with homework by working through an example problem.
  • Put your lessons on the web so students can watch them before and after class.
  • Tutor someone from afar.
  • Showcase your video tutorials on educreations.com and share your knowledge with the world.
  • Add your commentary to famous works of art.
  • Diagram football plays, John Madden style.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders--and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.
Key Features:
  • Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use
  • Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
  • Save, sync and share files
  • Record voice and audio notes
  • Search for text inside images
  • Organize notes by notebooks and tags
  • Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
  • Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use
  • Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it lets you make compelling spreadsheets in minutes — with tables, charts, photos, and graphics — using just your fingers. Choose from over 250 easy-to-use functions. Enter data and explore results with sliders, steppers, pop-ups, and intelligent keyboards. Numbers works with iCloud, so your spreadsheets stay up to date across all your devices — automatically.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Qrafter (Crafter) is a two-dimensional barcode scanner for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Its main purpose is to scan and parse the contents of QR Codes

Device: iPod, iPad
WiFi Photo Transfer.png

WiFi Photo Transfer

Description: Easily access your photo libraries via wifi from any computer with a web browser! Just start the app and enter the displayed address into the address bar of your browser. Works with any computer that has a modern browser (like desktop or portable computers, iPads, or even an other iPhone) and is on the same wifi network as your phone, iPod or iPad.

Device: iPod, iPad


Description: Wunderlist is the easiest way to manage and share your daily to-do lists. Whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one, or simply keeping track of your daily to-dos, Wunderlist is here to help you get things done.
Features of Wunderlist:
  • Cloud Sync – All your data is automatically synced across all your devices
  • Lists – Create and manage as many lists and to-dos as you want in one place
  • Collaborate – Invite friends and colleagues to get involved
  • Recurring To-Dos & Subtasks – Add all the important details
  • Reminders – Never miss a deadline again
  • Notes – Keep track of all your brilliant ideas
  • Notifications – Push, email and in-app notifications let you track the progress of your projects

Device: iPod, iPad